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About us

About us


In 1997, we innovated remote translation in Poland and joined forces with 500 professional linguists worldwide.


While English-speaking countries are the main suppliers in Central and Eastern Europe, only a small percentage of its population can communicate in your language.


Are you planning to explore or develop your business into this encouraging market? ACZ translations provides the ideal linguistic interface with your Central and Eastern European partners.

Our team

  • Your project is entrusted to professional linguists whose training and expertise are strictly within the subject of your content.


  • An in-house proofreader takes care of the quality assurance of your translations.


  • An English-speaking Project Manager supervises your project orders and keeps you informed of their progress.

Pawel Pieczynski, CEO

In the translation business since 1991, he was the first Polish member of the French Society of Translators (SFT). His curriculum includes the faculties of economics and political science in Brussels.

Translation Project Managers

Responsible for coordinating multilingual translation projects, not only do they know the clients language but also their cultural identity, which guarantees a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.

In-house Translators & Proofreaders

In-house translators ensure maximum responsiveness providing urgent translations. Quality assurance and adherence to original formatting are provided by our team of proofreaders.

Graphic designers

Responsible for the layout and desktop publishing, they ensure that the graphics of translated documents always conform to the originals.