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Reviewing and proofreading

Complying with translation quality norm ISO 17100, Apolonica performs a 2- or 3-step check to ensure flawless translation.



1. Our own proofreading

Each translation is proofread in-house to correct any typos, punctuation, dates, etc.


Proofreading is included in the price of the translation.



2. Review by a second translator

Translations destined for publication, such as brochures, websites, etc. are reviewed by a second translator or proofreader. This service provides a new perspective on the translation and detects subtle differences between the original and the translation. The reviewer makes the necessary changes and polishes the quality of the finished text.


Depending on the type of order, the review is included in the price or is subject to an additional fee.



3. Consultation with professionals

Highly technical texts are reviewed with the help of professionnals in the subject: engineer, doctor, linguist, etc.


Depending on the type of order, consultation is included in the price or is subject to an additional fee.


Thanks to our international network of professional translators and proofreaders, all Quality Assurance procedures are carried out by mother-tongue speakers of the target language.


Reliable and effective, our computer architecture is fully compatible with your systems.


1. Quotation

End runaway translation costs! Whatever your document medium (electronic files, website...), our dedicated software accurately calculates the number of words. In just a few moments, we will give you a firm price for your translation.


2. Translation

Although the human factor is absolutely crucial, we have tools that significantly improve the translation quality and efficiency of our work. Apolonica uses Computer Assisted Translation tools, such as SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast, Transit and Déjà Vu.


3. Format

 Your translations are laid out exactly the same as the original in the most popular